Excellent tree service will often ensure that you and your assets are safe. Yet, this can only happen if you choose a tree service provider with all the necessary equipment. The following are every tree service provider’s top pieces of equipment.

Cutting Devices

Every tree service provider will need to cut trees into smaller sections. In this case, it will be vital for them to invest in the right cutting equipment. Notably, cutting trees into smaller sections will suffice in specific situations only: tree treatment, tree repair, prevention, and tree maintenance.

One of the main tools for cutting trees into smaller sections is the chainsaw. This device relies on a fast-moving chain that rotates around a guide bar. It is an excellent choice for pruning, bucking, limbing, and felling trees too. Other tools will include handsaws, pruners, pole saws, wood chippers, tree loppers, and hedge trimmers. Axes, wedges, and hatchets will also come in handy.

Climbing Equipment

Undoubtedly, some trees are so tall that climbing them becomes necessary. The majority of these pieces of equipment are vital for enhancing the climber’s safety. Remember, you will only need these devices when handing a relatively tall tree. The equipment could also come in handy if you have a tall building nearby.

Various climbing equipment are at your disposal. Spikes, ropes, flip lines, and a harness are some of the most popular choices. The work positioning lanyard is also essential, as it helps keep the climber stable. You could also consider saddles, protective glasses, gloves, straps, and radios for communication. If the tree is very tall, you’ll need pulleys and carabiners.

Rigging Equipment

Tree rigging involves dismantling parts of the tree using blocks, pulleys, and ropes. This approach is suitable for tight drop zones requiring minimal damage. You could also rely on rigging when dealing with awkwardly shaped branches and relatively large pieces of timber.

You’ll need the best rigging gear when handling trees. An excellent arborist will invest in friction brakes, rigging plates, winches, carabiners, blocks and pulleys, and rigging thimbles. Power pullers, ring slings, cable hoists, and ropes will also help during this task.

Trimming Devices

You could also refer to them as pruning equipment. These pieces of equipment are designed to help remove diseased branches, averting health issues in the long run. The idea is to keep the trees more robust and have healthier structures. This way, you’ll not spend too much on pruning them in the future.

Various trimming devices are worth considering. For instance, a good tree service Charlotte-located company will invest in saw scabbards, pruners, chainsaws, wood chippers, axes, wedges, hatchets, and hydraulic tools. Tree loppers, pole saws, landscaping tools, and hedge shears will help trim or prune your trees.

In conclusion, an excellent tree company will have all the types of tree maintenance and felling equipment mentioned above. These pieces of equipment will ensure that the entire project is seamless, saving time and effort. In addition, they help enhance effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency in the long run.

By Jorge