A healthy lawn is one of the most crucial elements of your property, with an attractive outdoors helping you boost your curb appeal. Unfortunately, this can only work if your sprinkler is up-to-date, with any breakdowns likely to leave you with an unpleasant outdoor appearance. But how do you tell when it is time to get a sprinkler upgrade?

Increased Water Bills

If your water bill suddenly increases, your sprinkler system may be the problem. Small leaks in your pipes could go unnoticed over time, resulting in damage in multiple areas of your system. These will often require urgent attention, failure of which could result in hefty monthly costs. Unlike other problems that can be diagnosed by checking for damaged valves and regulators, this will require the services of a professional sprinkler Denver-based expert. An upgrade will be a long-term solution to help minimize any occurrences of leaks, with efficient systems helping you get more out of your system.

Dripping Valves

Dripping valves are other signs of a faulty sprinkler system. If your control valves are leaking, make it a point to consult with the proper repair professionals. While not all leaks will be easy to spot, some visible signs will be damp areas near your filters and pressure regulators.

Uneven Watering

Uneven watering also indicates that your sprinkler needs attention. If you spot pools of water in various areas of your property that appear soaked, this is a sign that your sprinkler is faulty. Dry patches on your loan also indicate that some valves on your sprinkler may be broken. These problems may recur down the line, with the long-term solution being to get an updated system.

Sputtering Heads

Sputtering heads are other signs of damage that are easy to spot, with your sprinkler often spraying water off-target. The likely cause will be damaged valves or a faulty pressure system. If these are working fine, your sprinkler system may have developed cracks, causing the sputtering. These openings may also have accumulated debris, resulting in uneven watering. Replacing these will allow you to get a working system, ensuring that you keep your lawn well maintained.

Frequent Repairs

Every once in a while, your sprinkler system may need a routine check, with isolated repair incidents being a common occurrence. If, however, you experience too many repairs to one or multiple portions of your sprinkler system, it is time to get an upgrade. Frequent repairs are tell-tale signs that your system is outdated, with any more replacements likely to cost you more down the line. An upgrade would be an ideal solution to help you get the most out of your system, allowing you to reduce the repair costs.

Loss of Pressure

If your sprinkler has fluctuating pressure, now is the time to have it fixed. Too much water could end up ruining your sprinkler system, while low pressure could end up falling short of your watering needs. A few issues could be the cause of this, examples being faulty regulators and control valves. The irrigation pipes could also malfunction due to disruption from roots from nearby trees in your lawn.

Getting a sprinkler upgrade should be your next step if you have experienced one or more of the above setbacks. It will allow you to save hefty maintenance costs while helping you maintain a healthy lawn.

By Jorge