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It can be easy to tell that you need your siding replaced if you notice that it’s broken, rotted, or warped. However, there are other, often overlooked signs, as well. If you notice any of the following signs, call a siding company Gettysburg-based to have your siding evaluated as soon as possible.

Fading, Blisters, or Bubbles

Siding comes with weatherproof properties. When it becomes extremely faded, it’s usually a sign that the weatherproofing has worn off. And if you notice blisters or bubbling, moisture is likely trapped in the siding. All of this can lead to more serious issues, so it needs to be addressed quickly.

Mildew and Fungus

Many people overlook signs of mildew and fungus on their siding, but it’s important to pay attention. These things only form when moisture is present. And while it might seem normal to see it after a long period of rain, it could be a sign that moisture is resting somewhere it shouldn’t be.

High Electric Bills

Your siding is part of the shell of your home that is intended to keep out weather conditions. When it’s intact, it can do this job. If you notice a sudden spike in your electric bills, there may be a crack or hole that you aren’t aware of allowing heat and air into your home.

These aren’t necessarily signs that it’s time to replace your entire siding. However, they should definitely be assessed immediately so that you can address them before they cause severe problems.

By Jorge