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One of the challenges that face many home builders today is finding the right sales consultant for the job. Homebuilders are looking to sell their homes first to make profits from the investment they have just completed. However, when you do not have the right team on your side, a home can stay on the market for a long time, which can be frustrating. When hiring a new home sales consulting team, here are some of the qualities you need to look for.

Problem Solving Skills

Selling a home is no easy fit. There are many challenges in the way, like a poor market or buyers changing their minds at the last minute. While there is nothing much one can do to control such circumstances, a salesperson needs to find innovative ways to overcome the challenge. If the market is poor, what are those incentives one can offer to attract buyers? How about buyers backing out at the last minute? A good salesperson needs to have critical thinking skills to handle any difficult situations that may come up.

Passionate About Selling New Homes

In every job, passion is everything. It will dictate the amount of effort that people put into their work. When there is passion, you will not have to push someone to do things. That person is naturally driven, trying to put as much effort as possible in achieving the set goals.


Making sales is all about being sociable. Have you ever talked to a few people and immediately felt that they could make great salespeople? People who do not mind spending as much time with others or find it easy to strike conversations will be great in sales. They will be willing to meet people daily, enjoy their interactions and connect with customers.


If someone does not believe in the product they are selling, it will be hard to convince a customer to buy it. When clients come for an open house, this is the chance for the salesperson to convince them to buy the home. Can the person convince clients that the house will solve some of their housing problems? Buying a home is a huge investment. Buyers want to feel confident they are making the right choice. However, when a salesperson cannot answer questions with confidence, the buyer may feel like the house is not the right choice for them.

Tech Savvy

Maybe in the past, technological literacy was something one could have overlooked in a home sales team. But today, it is an important quality. You need a team of people who make an effort to keep up with new developments in tech, computers, and apps. Technology is empowering, making a person better at sales.

When selling a new home, it will take a lot of convincing to get someone to buy it. There are many new homes on the market, meaning you have stiff competition. The question a potential buyer will ask is why they should choose you and not the other home seller. With the qualities mentioned above, it will be easy to convince a buyer to buy the house.

By Jorge