The world is full of people who enjoy wine, whether you are a special occasion wine drinker. Or even if you are an avid wine bottle collector. A freestanding wine cooler would be beneficial to have either way. But the path to follow on finding an Affordable wine cooler would take you to faraway places you have never seen. Take a scroll through all the manufacturers and outlets specialising in free-standing wine coolers on the internet. Afterwards, you might feel a little overwhelmed But rest assured, there are steps to follow to ensure you find the “best of the best” at affordable prices. For example, your first step needs to be based on the type of wine cooler you need that would be beneficial in storing your prized wine bottle collection. Freestanding wine coolers would be a great addition as they encompass everything required within the unit and outside. And there are so many ideas on how to present your wine cooler so that it is regarded as a beautiful piece of art.

Money, Money, Money, it is a rich man’s world.

The above heading is not meant to be applied when thinking about a proper wine cellar. Many wine collectors have invested their hard-earned money in constructing such a room to store wine. But these days, many affordable ways to have a wine cellar in your home without a hefty price tag. Many “wine cellar” units have been made as wine coolers or wine fridges. These versions of wine coolers offer the same environmental aspects needed within a wine cellar. The following attributes of a freestanding wine cooler are a must-see as it provides insight into how a wine cooler works. 

  • The correct temperature within a wine cooler has been optimised to prevent air fluctuations. Where a typical refrigerator fluctuates too rapidly; thus, a bottle of wine can be damaged.
  • Perfect humidity levels are to be obtained to such an extent to avoid unwanted wine corks drying out when the humidity is set too high. On the other hand, if the humidity level supplies too much moisture, it might lead to mould formation.
  • When placing your wine cooler, ensure the proper airflow or breathing space to prevent the unit from overheating.

Functionality and design

We have looked at all essential elements needed within a wine cooler. But have you considered the wondrous world of wine cooler designs? Many wine lovers would appreciate a beautifully designed wine cooler that would melt into the authenticity of their kitchen. A great idea would include a built-in under-the-counter wine cooler.  Why not also throw a countertop wine cooler into the mix? Your needs will determine your final decision on which wine cooler to purchase. Restauranteurs would prefer a side-by-side wine cooler and beverage cooler, whereas a first-time wine hobbyist would love to invest in a freestanding wine cooler but more in a compact size.

The best of both worlds

A fascinating factual account in the 1600s was that it blew thicker glass into shapes until it created the perfect bottle. How incredible are these facts when you look at your wine bottle collection? But these wine bottles needed a safe environment to be stored. Hence, I created the wine cellar. This innovation we have discussed above. And covered all the essential aspects required within the modern version called a wine fridge or a wine cooler. So, in conclusion, it is interesting to know the basic history behind your wine cooler. And you would be so pleased that you can own such a unique appliance.

By Jorge